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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Obsession

So I am seemingly obsessed with Stephanie Meyer's books, at first I thought it was Twilight, so phenomenal, but no it is just her writing. I think the distinguishing factor is her ability to take you inside the character and sympathise, I really felt I was living her books. I am somewhat intense at times and I guess that's the other factor that made this from a like, to an obsession. Its the only series I think I could read over and over and over, without ever getting sick of it. I reread the series for the movie, which I was somewhat disappointed in. I was shocked to get the same withdrawals when I finished breaking dawn for the second time.

I thought The Host was something 'out of this world' too. (Pardon the pun!) Its truly the alien book for people that don't read alien books, so if you are looking for a new author Stephanie Meyer is it. Seriously.

I am also disappointed that my favorite series' are over for christmas, I like to watch desperate housewives, grey's anatomy and private practice. I realize they can be predictable at times but there is something about stepping outside of myself and living vicariously that is so great for me, they are crazy but fun to watch.

On a more serious note, I am really gonna miss my family in Ireland and New Zealand, and friends around the world this Christmas, but I have a great 'husbiancee' (husband fiancee combo) and two great dogs here in Tennessee, the profile pic for this post is my dog rascal btw.

I am also a little obsessed with Melaleuca, this is a result of my mother in-laws making. Its a line of stuff made out of only natural and non toxic ingredients, and they make everything, lip glosses, body scrubs, moisturizer from heaven and even household cleaners. The thing that originally hooked me was the carpet cleaner, but I really just love the way it all smells and feels, and by gosh does it work, all of it, the moisturizer, the carpet cleaner and sugar scrubs are my favorite, followed by the candles and laundry detergent, I just can't get enough, I am on a conversion mission to make sure everyone gets to try it. 

Final obsession of the day is games, I love playing games with people, social games, they can be cards, board games (cranium etc) or multiplayer video games (shrek and mario party spring to mind). I am currently trying to get my in-laws to play a game christmas eve, anything I don't care what, I always have so much fun, I am kinda competitive but I think I have being a good loser and winner down so hopefully its still fun for everyone else. I just get fed from being around people and interacting with them in that way, there is not enough of that here in the USA in my circles, I am trying to find people to do this stuff with.

I am also really enjoying my Irish Dance lessons, I am not the only adult learner, and its really really great as an aerobic work out, slash strength training excercise, not to mention how gorgeous it looks when it's done right. New Years resolution will probably be to get a guitar instructor lined up, I am sick of procrastinating, I am a procrastinator naturally and with my husbiancee thrown in the mix nothing will get done, we are as bad as each other!

I mailed my two overseas packages and 50 cards last week for christmas, 2 days after I mailed the package for Ireland (from Tennessee) it was signed for, I was flabbergasted! that was amazing and a new record, but luckily all tasks are out of the way for Christmas now, just have to bake some doggie treats and cookies tonight/tomorrow (Christmas eve tomorrow) and enjoy Christmas. Thanks for the cards from people overseas, the cards that arrived were from people I wasn't expecting and it was a really nice surprise...

Happy holidays everyone.


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