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Friday, October 23, 2009

Irish Trip

So we have got a final place and date for our wedding that we are planning next year. Check out the website for the castle and hotel. I went there on my first day back in Ireland with my dad, and we checked it out. It was great to see him get excited about all the possibilities and that in turn got me excited about the day.

I went back to Ireland for 5 days total, to visit with family and especially be there for the 59th anniversary of my paternal grandparents. I was due to arrive on the Friday however weather and air traffic control delays meant I had to leave the next day, and catch a bus to Atlanta rather than lose 2 days of the trip. This happened to me the last time too, and I was stuck at Gate b5 in Nashville for the 2nd time, waiting in a line, to see if someone could help me get to Ireland, yet again :(

The trip was great once I got there though especially the party, I got to meet so many great people I am related to without knowing it. One of those people was my great uncle Neddy, who is 88 years old, and who was in the Merchant Navy working in the Stoke holes, he had some great stories for me, and we danced together, It was a privilege to meet and get to know him a little.

My nan was overwhelmed by all the people who came to wish them well, I am sure she was more than disoriented but she looked like she had a great time too. It kinda brought her back to life a little, and she was dancing in between gasping for air. When it was time for her to go she didn't want to, so I got my great uncle Ned to buy me a drink (shamelessly) while he waited to be taken home by the same people waiting for my nan to want to leave. None of us wanted to leave so after the room closed down, we went into the bar and carried on the party. Everyone there managed to wrangle an invite to the after party for the wedding and it looks like a lot of people are very excited about it. there hasn't been a wedding in a while so I have a slight suspicion that many are going to make the most of it. A lot will make it a weekend.

I spent some time in Wicklow too, with my aunties and we had a great time, driving around the back arse country of wicklow in the rain and giant puddles, to buy hay for the horses, and watching transformers 2 with my youngest cousin.

I have to renew my green card I was reminded, at the Dublin airport, leaving through US customs.

It was over all too soon but I am looking forward to Christmas with Jason in Ireland, and showing him the venue. we have enough Delta vouchers that we may get free upgrades, along with almost free tickets. Not bad eh?

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Celticopia said...

Shows what I know, the vouchers, while assured they would last til the end of October, did not in fact last til then, just the 23rd. So -1000 there. Then, of course I find out that its not your total medallion miles that gets you silver status with delta, its your total THIS YEAR. So, I find that I will never attain the elusive 'silver status' and that all my trade offs and efforts to be loyal to Delta was a lot of *ahem!* you know what.

So no trip home at Christmas but still, will make the most of it by having a huge christmas bash at my place, I might even see you there?

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