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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Google Wave and the Nook

Hi everybody,

I am trying out Google Wave, working out how it could fit into my life and figure out how it might be useful, at the moment, I am reserving judgement.

Coming across it though (and getting invited to try it) has inspired me to express my take on it as I use it and figure it out.

I am going to be on the 'first wave' of this because it feels momentous, such claims as 'replacing email' have fired me up and got me curious. I feel as though I have a professional due diligence to explore and monitor a possibly entirely new way of interacting, sharing real time typing information for example should be interesting. If the claims of replacing email are true, then this feels like exciting times for those working in User Experience.

I am also going to become a Nook newbie soon, I see that someone I was following just received hers, and I am very jealous, Barnes and Noble made out when I place my order that it wouldn't be available until the 18th, but I guess that's when it will be available to me, with a 2-3 day delivery, I am really looking forward to it. At the moment it is not available until Feb 1st for others looking to order it now, so I feel lucky mine will ship TODAY :)

I will be posting the 'out of box' experience, (as did the person who has already received hers, in my followed blogs section) and will attempt to use wave with my colleague to draw comparisons between my experience with the Nook, and hers with her Kindle.

Nook VS Kindle

I was not an early adopter with the Kindle, I struggled with the price tag and my need or (closer to the truth) desire for one over the past year. It was touch and go there but I held out, it seemed like too luxurious and too much 'just for me' to justify the cost. But now that I went for my nook, I would like to compare with the Kindle, side by side (perhaps my colleague will oblige?)

The reason I am taking the leap knowing what I know about the way cutting edge tech is developed (see 'New Technology' post), is that I trust google to get closer to their vision with their attitude and process, in their initial release than most ever achieve, and, well I am too excited about the nook to wait. They are late to market (as I feel I am because I held out on the Kindle for so long) I think they have had the opportunity to learn from others mistakes or ideas. Hopefully this will make for a piece of technology that I can love right out off the box, without the relationship problems of meeting a first generation piece of technology.

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