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Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Knitting

So I have been remiss in my knitting, I have been very focussed on my wedding, and dancing, that there has been little room for my other pursuits. This was one of my new Years resolutions, btw, to avoid spinning my wheels and doing only what I can and get stuff actually achieved. So far I have had mixed results.

In order to come through though, to a commitment I made to myself I have to get something special knitted before my wedding, and that means starting ASAP. I also have a hat that was started before winter, with vague notions of completing it in time to need it, however it appears it will be fairly warm before I finish, unless I refocus on my knitting.

The hat btw was on hold due to a lack of yarn to finish, this I remedied tonight, and after getting wording just right on my RSVP's I am going to settle in for the night with the pattern and get it done while watching desperate housewives. This, and sending a copy of our passports to a priest, is ALL I will be doing, besides finishing this blog post.

Look for pictures in Feb of the finished product of the hat, and for more on Irish Dancing, and Wedding planning.

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