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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Transportation RSVP Required

Hiya Everyone! I know it seems a little soon after the last post, with the long update with the itinerary, but this one is around transport.

Basically we need to know what you need, so that no-one gets stranded, lost etc.

Friday 21st of May: First of all, big shout out to my sis, this will be her 19th birthday.

Transport will be departing Friday morning at 11-12. We are planning on picking people up at Blooms Hotel from downtown Dublin. We are then going to pick up the men, after their 'quiet' Thurs night drinks, fresh from their trip to Amsterdam . They will be staying depending on numbers, at Bewleys Hotel.

These will be the 2 pickup points on the Friday 21st for Transport to the castle.

For anyone arriving at the airport on Friday, and still needs transport to the castle, please get a cab to Bewleys Hotel or see if you can ride the hotel shuttle (around 10 euro for the cab ride, the shuttle might be free :)

Our bus will leave Bewleys Hotel on Friday 21st at 12:30pm for the castle. This is in plenty of time for any flights from the US arriving that day. Let me know asap if you will be landing later than this, and require transport, we might be able to do a later pickup.

WE NEED an RSVP for this transport, because we dont know how big the bus needs to be, ranging from a large van, to a full bus, we just don't know, so please let us know.

PADDYWAGON is picking up those who are going on this tour on Monday Morning. If you need or were counting on transport on Sunday for those not accompanying us, or need to get back to the airport, we need to know this too.

SO EVERYONE who will be travelling on either Friday to the Castle, or need transport on SUNDAY please RSVP HERE or on Facebook publicly or privately. We need to know this at the latest, by April the 18th. Anyone who has not let us know by then we cannot guarantee space to. Thanks for reading.

Gur a mile maith agat! (a thousand thanks!)

Sarah and Jason

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