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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wedding Update - Sunday 23rd

Sunday is the day after our wedding, and we are going to carrickmacross to listen to Irish music, and sing and maybe dance. Kinda like an after party.

I know there were a few guests that wanted to spend more time in Dublin on this trip however, and I was looking into a way that people could do that without hiring a car,

This is a bus timetable, for buses that go to dublin from Carrickmacross, read it carefully if you are considering using it, or better yet, print it, so if you want to use it, you can just whip out your timetable. Neat right?

For those coming on the backpacking tour, I would recommend you research the bus station in Dublin and how close it is to the paddywagon hostel, cos thats where our tour departs from before it comes up to the castle to pick us all up, on Monday morning, you could stay there Sunday night and have a whole day wandering the city.

Jason and I will be doing the get together in Carrickmacross with the rest of the onstayers, but the choice of what to do on the Sunday 23rd is up to you...

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