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Monday, February 9, 2009

A new house, and yard for my puppies

So me and my SO just bought a house! Well actually its under contract, and its great. We first viewed it at night and it was still our favorite, but when we came back in the daylight, we found so much more, like a central vac for one, and bamboo floors etc.

The house already comes equipped with a doggie door and a scuff matt outside in the shape of a bone with the word woof on it. Needless to say we were impressed :)

This is my first home purchase and we are sooo excited. I hope we have time between now and closing to incorporate the stimulus package Obama is trying to pass. It would mean a great rate, and a tax credit. Both of which are instrumental for the mortgage to beat out our current rent situation.

We are praying it passes inspection, and looking forward to painting and getting it ready to move into. The ensuite has a skylight which we are looking forward to looking out of, hopefully we get stars. The neighbourhood is really peaceful, and the house is really well laid out for us and our purposes, we have a video game room/theatre, which is fully decked out with glass shelves, backlit on dimmers for SO's toys, you know spiderman, and silver surfer and the like. Those fireplaces, ooh, I just can't wait to hang stockings :) I will have to knit some i guess!

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