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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our 2 Year Anniversary

Our 2 Year Anniversary is today, and we are planning our wedding. Seems a bit weird? As Jon McLaughlin would say, in answer to how I got here, is "don't ask me, the path I took is not exactly by the book".

We are planning on eating at Sitar, my favorite restaurant in Nashville. Jason is looking into a trip to see U2 in North Carolina some weekend in October and My best friend asked me to be Maid of Honor. Its been a busy day so far...

Just for our anniversary, I will say a few things about my 'husbiancee'.

He sleeps a lot, but can work harder than any man I know.
He gets easily discouraged, but has lofty and worthy ideals.
He is wicked and mischievous but likes the path of least resistance too
Our time together has sometimes felt like craggy cliffs in a storm
and sometimes like jumping off that cliff into the wild exhilharating surf.

We are a complicated pair, and this could be a dangerous liaison but I'm still hanging
on for the ride, cos I prefer comfortable and adventurous and he is both.

If you see this honey this is your wicked tribute, happy anniversary :)

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