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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Invitations, Priests, Dresses and Bands OH My!

Wedding planning... hmm adjectives to describe, hectic, all-consuming, fun, stressful, interesting.

We are registering for our honeymoon, and although I have not finished entering information about our exact plans, here is the place to go to learn more about it
View Our Honeymooon Registry

I have a dressmaker at last, Julie, she is wonderful, and is helping me to turn my visions into reality. Of course in case Jason reads this I can't go into too much detail about the dresses, but suffice to say, we are finally underway. We need to find a pattern that best fits my design, and we nearly have it, albeit, 3 patterns stuck together, but it will work. My dress is still desperately in need of a celtic embroiderer, anyone know anyone in Nashville? I hope to work with someone I know, but if this doesn't pan out, I will have to go farther afield.

On to the Invitations, we have done these ourselves, and 3 weekends later and solid evenings in front of a spreadsheet, with an amazing coworker/friend, sister in law, husbiancee and mother in law, we are nearly there. Bridget designed the logo for us, and we found a great font in old celtic style. Next were the instructions, which I agonized over, because there is so much to explain, however this is no problem now, with my blog here to provide ample detail to the masses. Last thing to do before sending the invitations is getting the rsvp cards printed, and get return postage printed and paid for. These will be sent this week.

On the band front, I have been agonizing,I can't hear the bands I have shortlisted on account of there being nothing on the internet from them, and not being in the same country to go and hear them play. My Maid of Honor Michelle, is going to see the one at the top end of our price range, Harlequin, these would be perfect, and I have heard these online, but they are a few hundred well out of our price range.

The next on the list is Hits List, they have a great looking set and can incorporate brass, its a 5 piece but can have up to 8, but they are at the upper end of price too, and they haven't got any reviews, or music online.

Next is Heart Beat. These are a 3 piece that my dad says are amazing, the guy seems really nice, but without hearing them with only 3 people in the band and without a drummer, I don't know if I can afford to shell out over a grand on something that won't do the job, even if this is the cheap end of bands in Ireland.

I got lucky at the Feis in Atl this weekend though, with the lady who judged the musical competition, Kathleen O'donaghue. Amazingly she is from Cavan, and married in the same castle we are, AND her brothers are in a band, its a 3 piece, but they all sing, and there is a drummer, so depending on price, I trust her judgement on quality, and they are called Evening Star.

So any ideas? What would you do about this? Any bands you know of?

More on the wedding planning, much more, including more on bands, planning the ceremony, and managing rsvps, in the next post on Wedding Planning.

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