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Monday, January 25, 2010

Julie/Julia - A Review

I am reading this book quite fast, it is a 750 page slog through MtAoFC as she puts it (I was mildly irritated with this, because no matter how many times I made myself remember what the exact words this acronym refer to are, it slowed me down each and every time I came to it).

The book paints a human picture of a person, struggling with the meaninglessness, and the lack of special that this world so often hands out and calls 'your life', that she feels she must do something reckless, or she will forever be 'just a secretary'.

It is as a result of her husbands insistent prodding about going to culinary school, and stubborn avoidance of said cooking school, that she decides that she will cook her way through MtAoFC in one year. While moving in New York, and being broke, living in something that sounds very much like a hovel, but is somehow acceptable because its New York.

There are lots of funny and despairing, and 'how does she keep going' moments, all the while writing a blog and entertaining her readers, and entertaining me while entertaining them.

I am not finished yet (with the book that is), I will say that I expected more about actual Julia, as in Julia Child, however this book is worth the read and I am willing to lend, its an ebook lend so let me know if you are interested, you will learn more about food than you ever wished to know, all the while thinking your house really isn't that dirty, and isn't really that bad, and feeling really lucky you will never make aspic in your life, EVER. I am glad my interests revolve around dance, music, reading and wedding planning.

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