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Monday, February 1, 2010

First Notice Wedding Planning

This text was on my wedding web page when I first began it, and I did not want to lose any of the story of my planning from ages ago. This was written in the beginning of 2009 so this will not contain tips but will let you know how my planning went from start to finish.


1st Planning Entry...
This is my first entry and I am currently concerned with addresses, names and emails, phone numbers and all other things guest list oriented. If you could leave a message on the guest book with your details I will be able to update your information.
my first priority is doing this, so if you want to be invited I will definitely need that information. I plan on sending out a save the date card or magnet so that people can keep it on their fridge and remember the day, with more formal invitations going out some other time.
The other thing i am working on is getting to know the lay of the land around the castle specifically where people will or can stay (especially for the folks that are coming for a week or so, and also for the people that are staying for the weekend).
there is a lot of things to do and i will add events but we will save that for the next entry, any ideas are welcome, just post to the guest book, and I will read the comments, i will only make the message public if it is a general well wishing comment otherwise use it as enquiries or ideas and i will keep them private.
So, first things first is to send me a message with your info, please forward the link to other family and friends too, and i will post pictures and link to better information soon, and thanks for visiting the site, I am planning on it being one of the most amazing and fun weeks of my life and hope you can join us for it!
Love Sarah and Jason

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