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Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd Wedding Planning Post, and Our New House

2nd Wedding Planning Post

Why is it we seem to be doing everything out of order? Well we close on our first house on Friday and only have the utilities (power, gas and water) to organize before we can 'camp' overnight in the house on Friday night after we close.
I don't know what we are going to do with all that space, its more than double the space we have today, not even counting the strange 5 foot 11 room. We still have lots to do to move and because our kind landlords won't allow us out of our contract even 1 month early we will be taking our time to move in over the course of April to allow Jason to continue to study hard in his first semester as a graduate student.
Other than that we are still a little over obsessed with our dogs, they are great and we think they will love the new house too.  So we have eloped, purchased a home and are planning our wedding? Anyone else think that might be a little out of order, hopefully we don't have any other out of order life events but life has been turbulent so far so will just keep embracing it and do it our way.
As far as wedding planning goes I have quotes from venues set up but I need to do more research, perhaps personal research? Maybe sooner rather than later? Sorry to be cryptic here but I'm sure you get where I'm going with that and if you do, I can't wait :)
We have asked a photographer and videographer to help out at the wedding and they both seem excited about it. The more the merrier, as long as your invited!
Lots of Love

Sarah & Jason

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