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Thursday, March 4, 2010

March - Wedding Planning and Advice

So we are making progress, doggedly, determinedly, a little dazedly, but still, getting there.

I made a list because I was worried the details were all falling out of my brain like a seive, I went through all the wedding planning 'Do's and Dont's' and what I should have done by now. Did you know, that the advice for when you plan your honeymoon is to book it is at least 9 months out?

I'm not freaking out (apart from freaky wedding dreams) because I have done 14 things in 14 days, and have addressed all the major areas, like dresses, bands, priest, menu's.

Gift Registry - We are  registered for our honeymoon mostly because we are travelling to get married, and because we can't bring home toasters and plates from Ireland. I am building a list of interesting things people can get for us on our honeymoon, dinner in Athens, spending money in the market at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, that kind of thing. We think that makes it a little more personal than just money in a card, we want our guests to know what memories they are helping us make with their gift.

Bachelorette's/Hen's- I have narrowed it down, but not enough, there were 46 women after I halved the list and made it just people I wanted there, it's just a lot of people. hmm, what to do? It is on Thursday May 20th, Temple Bar, Mardi Gras Theme, with games early on, and debauchery late.

Band - We have booked Santoria and they are great, 3 female singers, 2 male and a sax player, along with a full band and lights. It's going to be amazing, 7000w speakers and PA system. DONE :p

Dresses - Bridesmaids Dresses are bought, and ordered. They will arrive early april at the latest, and my dressmaker is going to sew on some finishing touches before they get sent out the last week of April, so bridesmaids, be ready first week of May to try them on and possibly get them altered, for height size etc.

Menu - We have mostly decided on our menu, 5 courses, with appetizer, soup, main, dessert, and tea/coffee + chocolate mints.  Still have to decide what color chocolate fountain though...

Rings - We have bought our rings, this is his and this is mine.

So yeah, lots of progress, and this month, embroidery, cake, ceremony, music, final invitations.

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Selina said...

Did you say chocolate fountain? Oh man it's a good thing I'm not one of the guests, you know I'd be in my bikini and doing backstroke in that!

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