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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding and Travel in Ireland May 18th - 30th 2010

Hey Everyone, Thanks for tuning in again. This is an update and a loose itinerary all in one for those of you meeting us in Ireland. Not only are you honouring us with your presence on the most special day of our lives but you are going to have a kick-ass holiday too. So here's the lineup. Included is all the details and instructions on how to book the tour and accomodation and prices.

Tuesday May 18th (My birthday) - Jason and a few daring lads will be departing for 2 days to Amsterdam. He has not booked his flights but Tues to Thurs are by far the cheapest.

Aer Lingus does direct flights and has great deals. So if you're interested in going contact Jason on facebook or, and just let him know, he isn't planning on leaving until later on the Tuesday so if you were planning on arriving that day, you would easily have time. Talk to Jason for more details.

Thursday May 20th - Most people seem to be arriving that day from all over the world, I will need your itineraries if I am to meet you and make sure you get to where you are going, so please email me at and I will make sure I am there or that you know what to do to.

Currently the plan is for me to take those attending the bachelorette or hens party women on the PaddyWagon Tours Shuttle downtown, and get our stuff and check in. We will have the day to nap or explore Dublin, the choice is up to you. If there is anything in Dublin you really want to do/see during that day let me know, and I will make it happen.

We will be staying at Blooms, the rooms are twin, triple, and quad, so please call and book if you have enough people to fill your room.

The price for sharing is approx 35 euro, which is a great deal and includes breakfast. If you want to share to get the cheap price, but don't know who you will share with contact me directly or through the facebook invite page, and we will pair you up with people.

To book Blooms for the bachelorette, please call and say you are calling for Sarah Keogh's Bachelorette/Hens Night. They won't charge your card until you get there.

Blooms Hotel Anglesea Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2.

Tel: + 353 1 671 5622
Fax: + 353 1 671 5997

ROOMS will be released from April 22nd so book before then to get the deal.

Cabra Castle Accomodation: call before 12noon central US standard time

Tel: + 353 42 966 7030- if you haven't already please call this number to book your room. Wedding rates are 110-150 for sharing (per room b&b) or 80 for a single. We are staying Friday through Sunday Night (departing Monday Morning).

Friday May 21st (The Day Before the Wedding)

Some people are landing on this day. Again, please forward your itineraries so you don't get lost in the shuffle. The castle is an hour north of the airport and we want to make sure get there ok.

4pm - Informal Get Together this is an opportunity for people to meet and hang out in the residents bar of the castle. We will be there for an hour, before the wedding party and immediate family are involved in rehearsal activities for the wedding the next day.

5pm - Wedding Rehearsal - Wedding Party all need to attend
We will be rehearsing on the lawn for an hour or so, and we need to make sure priest, attendants, groomsmen and planner, are all on the same page and know how its going to happen on Saturday.

6pm - Rehearsal Dinner - Dressy/Casual
This is hosted by Jason's mom, and includes dinner for all in the bridal party, including their partners. This is where we all get to know one another talk about the big day, and perhaps, tell stories about the bride and groom.

Saturday May 22nd - The Wedding
We will be holding the ceremony at 2:30 on the front lawn of the castle. If you are in the party please attend 30 minutes in advance. The reception dinner will commence at 5:30 and the party won't stop then until the wee hours of the morning, 4am or so, the rest is a surprise.

Sunday May 23rd - The after 'party'.
We will be hanging out then next day, and going to the local village to hopefully hear some traditional Irish Music, probably later in the afternoon, to give people time to recover from the wedding and explore the grounds. You do not have to stay in the castle that night and if you can find accomodation in the town of kingscourt or carrickmacross, then taxis are cheap and this might be a cheaper option than the castle, then again it might not.

Monday May 24th - PaddyWagon Tour Departs
They are picking us up from the front of the castle at 8:30am. See this link for more info about the tour.
Prices are 129 Pounds for tour ending on Thursday May 27th, where you would get off in Galway and ride the bus that can take you back to Dublin city center, or the airport.
Price for 6 day is 295 pounds.
So far we have 18 interested in touring with us.
IF YOU ARE DOING THE 6 DAY please book the regular 6 day tour on the website, departing on May 24th.

IF YOU ARE DOING THE 3 DAY Call +353 1 8230822 (if you are in america, + means 011, anywhere else, dial 001) and book for the private tour departing May 24th they already have your name as an interested party, so tell them and you will get the 129 pound price. This price refers to hostel accomodation only, if you want Bed&Breakfast please specify on the phone.

The 6 day tour ends on the Saturday, including a lot of Dublin on that last day. There are really no baggage restrictions, they operator seems to be really cool. The first 3 days we will have our OWN BUS, then the 6 dayers will transfer to the regular bus with other backpackers, because there are fewer of them.

Saturday May 29th Last Night We will spend today in Dublin, and the night in the Paddy wagon hostel, with a free airport shuttle the next day/morning to make sure you get home.

Any other questions please post below.

This is going to be a stunning trip make sure you look at the 6 day all Ireland on their website to see all the amazing activities, you will not just be sitting on a bus, we promise!

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Michael said...

Thanks for all your hard work putting this together. I can't wait. I'll send you my itinerary this week. This is going to be so much fun!

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