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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Planning Update

So the wedding planning is taking on an aura of slight panic coupled with thrills as some stuff gets done, and excitement as I realize this is not some fantasy, but will be reality VERY soon :)

The Bridesmaids dresses they have all been delivered, and they are a champagne colour, very beautiful, long and flowy, but spaghetti strap, and empire bust. The sizes are off girls so don't be worried when it gets there and its a much bigger number than you are used to seeing, i had to go up a size to put it on too, so that just means they are smaller fitting, not that I have put on 8 pounds somewhere along the way... ahem!'

The Groomsmen have big white flowy 'Wesley'esque' Shirts. They are very authentic and the men will all look the part. The pants, billow out and come back in below the knees, with lace-up's to the ankles, with medieval type soft boots for over top. We are using the same accent colors as the bridesmaids for belts on the men with a beautiful celtic belt buckle to finish the look. They will all have yellow roses in their lapels.

Hmm did I mention the rings arrived too? They are gorgeous, I will have to come back and put pics of some of this stuff, the dresses when they are done, etc.

The embroidery is partway done, and my dress is the only thing still being worked on. We have still to pick our song and have to finalize numbers but we are pretty much set.

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