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Monday, February 14, 2011

Upcoming Performance - Celtic Rhythms on Fire

I am getting ready for our upcoming show, celtic rhythms on fire, Nashville Irish Step Dancers on Facebook will have all the info, as well as

I will be singing 2 solo numbers, but have to decide between 3 possibles, and performing in another with harmonies for amazing grace.

I am dancing in 4 numbers, all soft shoe, and the preparations are well underway, a drowsy maggie reel, Lord of the Dance soft shoe, a traditional Jig, and a Ceili performance to Carmen-the lords prayer.

The three possible solo numbers to be narrowed down are shown below as done by others, this is a male sung version by clannad of Teir abhaile Riu

The second is is a Brid Og Ni Bhaile
and the third is Siul A Riun

I am probably going to do the second and third option, because they are more substantial and one is new for the crof show. Any votes for these?

I also need to sell tickets for the show, it is going to be spectacular, with the Celts, and some amazing hard working young Irish Dancers, they are all champions to me.


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