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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skywalker/Little Dancer

I am 15 weeks pregnant and weigh 11 lb's more than I did before I got pregnant! This blog has a few cobwebs in it that I have to clean out because I want to share my progress through pregnancy with family and friends overseas, as well as hopefully others in the same boat as me. I follow a few mommy blogs, which are all really interesting but to be honest adjusting to the thoughts of kids is surreal enough and I wanted to capture all of it and hopefully get some feedback on what being pregnant meant to those that read this also.

So we have had 2 scans, and my original due date based on actual date of conception was pushed out from Dec 11 to Dec 20th, so it is looking very likely that we are having a Christmas baby, great for me, sucks for baby.

I was in Ireland and visiting family and friends and even doing a bit of travelling through Europe for a week with my little sister and all the while unbeknownst to me, beginning to grow my very first baby. Through a bit of luck and fate I got to visit with my best friend in Birmingham right before I got back to the US, at which point I was 5 days late on my period. Thanks to coming off of birth control, and using family planning method (or the timing method of birth control) I have known exactly when my period was due.

I wasn't sure I was ready to take a pregnancy test but J was too excited about it and sang "I think you're pregnant' and made me take tests, I swear it she made me do it. Well the lines were fuzzy, and inconclusive, but it started the idea of you tingling in the back of my mind. I decided to let Husband know that I was late, but we would take a test when I got back to know for sure.

I told my mum, dad and sister, (who had just given birth) that I was getting a fuzzy line on a PG test and that I was late, mostly because I didn't know when I would see them again, and I wanted to tell them in person. I was glad I did, and when H picked me up from the airport he asked me if I wanted to get a test, I wanted to but also wanted to know how he was reacting to all of this. Well after the 3rd suggestion after we got home from him of 'do you want me to go and get a test' and me responding 'do you want to go get the test?' I finally said go get the test from Walmart, so at 11pm on the night I got back from Europe we got a clear 'pregnant' on the digital screen of the PG test.

H and I took a while to let it sink in to be honest, not to say we werent happy about it, because I think deep down we both really were, but just to bask in the surrealness of it, us, as parents, surely not! could it be?

That feeling has burned slowly out and I am still experiencing some of the afterglow of it, it has not totally worn off, some days it feels real and others, I just wonder if feeling the movement will really be the start of the belief. The ultrasounds were both wonderful, seeing the heartbeat on the screen, watching you go from 3 cm to 5.7 in 2 weeks was surreal, and when you got up and walked around in my belly and reacted to the shaking and jiggling of the ultrasound tech it was an extremely profound and touching moment. H later wrote about how it made him feel, and even though I don't get the responses when I need to see them *H likes to ponder stuff, I got what I needed in that letter, along with a name for our bump, dubbed skywalker from here on out, because skywalker got up and skywalked in the middle of my womb. It could be dancing or moonwalking, but in the end skywalker really works for us, because we don't know if its a boy or girl, and doncha know but it could be a luke or a leia so that works out great too!

Look forward to more updates, and here is the 'skywalking shot', sorry we don't have the video...

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Selina said...

Look at that wee one boogeying away in your womb! That's too awesome! xx

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