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Monday, November 28, 2011

Pregnancy, Ireland, a new job, and a car

wow! So I don't write this blog often enough to just write about one thing apparently, or is it that so much tends to happen all at once for me? Nov 9th I landed in Ireland, 1 week and 1 day after accepting a contract with Spencer Stuart, located on the river Liffey, in Dublin's fair city...

For those that know me, this has been a long time coming. It predates my life in the states, and even my husband and when I met him. I left 7 or 8 years ago, to go finish my degree with every intention of returning immediately home. I have since pursued my career, and my husband, all the while hoping that my path would wend its way back to the sunny east coast of Ireland.

So, why would I let the fact that I was 34 weeks pregnant at the time of a job offer stop something so momentous? I couldn't right? ;)

Thanks to the support of my husband, and a newfound calm focus, I am now working at my new role, for 2.5 weeks just trying to do what I can to continue to do a good job, and to survive these last few weeks of pregnancy.

Getting established here has certainly had its ups and downs, getting a bank account here apparently requires that you are already paying bills (at least 2 of them) which is IMPOSSIBLE when you are just starting out, but this rule has been around for aeons apparently, and there is no reasonable solution to this problem, leaving me unpaid as at this time... tsk tsk.

The plus side is I have just purchased a car, and gotten car insurance, and I have been attending regular prenatal checkups (3 to be exact) having slid right into the public medical system here in Ireland. This is while managing to maintain a semblance of the birth plan we had been working towards for the previous months of pregnancy, no mean feat, and one which baffles just about everyone I meet here.

It's all a bit of a blur, as you can tell from my blurry writing style, just touching on each subject at a high level. Most people who know me know the basic details anyway... but I really wanted to write about pregnancy in general.

SO far Saoirse is a mover and a shaker, not much of a kicker (a lover not a fighter) but definitely into standing on her head (she has been head down in the correct position all pregnancy) standing on the left wall of my abdomen, and stretching and rolling about. She moves a lot in the evenings, and has begun to get the hiccups at least once if not twice a day, lasting around an hour or more. It's getting more uncomfortable with each passing week, the stretching of my skin, although no obvious stretch marks yet (touch wood) is very uncomfortable, my belly button feels stretched and sore a lot, and my belly is generally extremely firm all around. I feel like there is a basketball being inflated in there with no regard for my skin and if it will accomodate, however it continues to, so that is a relief. This is of course when she is not moving. When she is moving, its a show to watch, usually feet are seen to push out bottom left abdomen near the top of my hip bone, and butt pushing simultaneously out the upper right of my abdomen. SO she is kinda doing yoga, downward dog to be exact. I do get what I think are knees, sharply pushed upwards at times but thats the extent of it. Sometimes, when the sudden overwhelming urge to pee comes over my I can tell it's because her hands and head are moving way down low, and she doesn't like anything that even remotely restricts the bottom of my belly... I am down to about 3 pairs of pants, but only one pair is remotely comfortable.

Husband and I are managing as usual to do long distance with grace. It's really hard for me to be away from him, even though we aren't soft and fuzzy with each other like I would like at times, I still have an incurable craving just to talk or be with him. I am actually online waiting for him to log in, it's 11:48pm, and he has finally logged on and I can go now and get my 'fix' before I drop off. I am staying with my sister, fiancee and their baby, my godson Kyle, so please pray he sleeps at least until 6 that would certainly be an improvement,  and that we can figure out why he hates sleeping so much, he fights it so much... Oh and pray for his pain, as he is teething at the moment, and can't seem to get relief.

Peace and Love,


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