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Thursday, June 28, 2012

All is well... ?

So the mantra goes, all is well, all is well. Marriage is a tough nut to crack aint it? There are times when you feel as though everything is going to work out and you are happy and life is grand, and then there are times when you feel like why do I even try, it's hopeless. Right now I am on the knifes edge trying to figure out which side to fall down on, and which side is true.

I know those are extreme opposite ends of the spectrum but it is also kinda like weather in that way. Do you ever feel on a sunny day like all is right with the world, and then on a rainy one that you can't see very far past your current woes?

I guess the hard part is discerning which side of that coin is real, or if in fact, maybe, your marriage, and life is both, it is the WHOLE coin, it is ALL weather, even tsunami's, and 'kids jumping off a bridge into the river in the middle of dublin hot' all in one 24 hour period.

From the sounds of a metaphor sure, it's the coin right, all weather etc, the planet survives the weather, and the coin does not discriminate when tossed? Well... while metaphors are kinda great for explaining complex situations, they are also great at distorting reality and missing the oh so important granular stuff.

I don't know how I should feel and whether the weather is changing for the worse (global warming) and I should take drastic measures, like moving further inland, or if it's just one of those bad days, not as bad as it seems, just hunker down and wait it out.

Today is kind of a trial for me, obviously I lost the proverbial coin toss today, it's raining, can't  you tell from the tone? I wanted to write about it not to b*tch and moan, but rather to wonder aloud if this is something I can change, if I struggle against it, and do something major about it, does that just make things worse, should I just stand still while the glass is broken on the floor around me (in that metaphor obviously the answer is yes, but who will clean up the glass)? My biggest fear if I do this is that I will just stand still and still and still, until I have lost more time to a situation that isn't good.

I promise, to write a post on one of those sunny days in our marriage, so that I can temper this bad day with that good one, maybe all is not as bad as it seems, maybe I do take life too seriously. I can temper that too, if needed, if that is all that's wrong.

Onwards and upwards though, time to work the day away, and get home to my precious daughter, and maybe dip my toes in the water, to see what the temperature is.

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